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Your Questions about Hydrobreak® Answered

Can I clean anything using Hydrobreak?

Hydrobreak has been designed to clean most materials without causing any damage.

What will Hydrobreak clean?

Hydrobreak is primarily a degreaser and as such will give the best results when dealing with oils, greases and hydrocarbons.

How do I know that Hydrobreak won't cause any damage to the surface I wish to

If you are concerned that Hydrobreak might have an affect on what you wish to clean, try cleaning a small section first of all.

Does that mean that all the other dirt will be left behind?

No, most other dirt will have been held in place by the oil and grease and when Hydrobreak is applied then the dirt will be washed away.

Will baked or burnt on carbon be removed by Hydrobreak?

Hydrobreak has been designed to be safe to use and there are limitations as to what the product can actually clean. In the case of burnt on carbon it is recommended to use a more aggressive product, we would recommend the use of Hydroclean CS for carbon removal.

Does that mean that Hydrobreak is not powerful?

Hydrobreak is actually a very powerful and effective degreaser, giving outstanding cleaning results.

Is one application enough?

Normally one application is sufficient to remove all contamination, in the case of heavy or aged contamination it may be better to allow the Hydrobreak to soak for a period before washing away.

There is a range of Hydrobreak products, which is best for me?

As a simple guide you should refer to the product selector chart. If you still can't decide then the Technosol agent will be happy to discuss your particular applications and recommend one of the products from the range.

Okay I've picked my product from the range. What's the best way to apply it?

Hydrobreak can be applied in many ways using different equipment, it is always best to use the most powerful means of application in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

What do you mean by that?

To achieve the best results, the use of heat, agitation and pressure is recommended.

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