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What makes HYDROBREAK® unique?

The unique Hydrobreak range of cleaners/degreasers and oil breakers are designed to be friendly to the environment and are manufactured from safe non-solvent based products, reflecting the drive to replace hazardous liquids in the workplace.
  • HYDROBREAK has the ability to break down animal, mineral and synthetic oils, greases, fats and many aromatic substances into smaller environmentally acceptable components.

  • HYDROBREAK then has the ability to stimulate naturally occurring parasitic bacterium to further break down these components into harmless waste material (e.g. water and carbon dioxide), thus reducing the environmental impact normally associated with cleaning/degreasing in industry.

  • HYDROBREAK, therefore, has the ability to solve the problems associated with cleaning/degreasing as opposed to simply moving the problem from one location to another.

  • The HYDROBREAK range is totally safe to use in any situation where the use of water is acceptable.

  • HYDROBREAK has no health hazards associated with use of the products.

  • Unlike most conventional cleaners/degreasers, HYDROBREAK is classified as non-hazardous.

  • HYDROBREAK can be used in conjunction with particular bacterial strains for the treatment of specific effluent problems or with spillkits for the treatment of hydrocarbon spills or contamination on land or road surfaces.

  • HYDROBREAK has the ability to render hydrocarbons non-flammable on application.


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