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If it's safe to use water, it's safe to use HYDROBREAK®

The HYDROBREAK® range is manufactured in the UK to BS5750/1SO9000 quality standards. It is completely safe and environmentally acceptable, both in use and disposal. Classified as non-hazardous, HYDROBREAK is classified totally safe under the CHIP regulations. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has no toxic by-products.

Hydrobreak® against Teepol (detergents) 

HYDROBREAK®  is different from Teepol or detergents in that it not only removes oils and greases from surfaces but it also breaks the hydrocarbon bonds thus preventing the oil or grease reforming or re-solidifying in drains or tanks.

The initial cleaning performance of Teepol may well be equal to that of HYDROBREAK® 2000 but it is the effect afterwards which is important. Teepol is a detergent produced by Shell chemicals which is similar to fairy liquid. It is designed to remove contamination from surfaces, and then the contamination will pass down the line into the sewage system etc.

In the case of removing Gel type fluid film coatings the resultant residue is likely to present problems when the residue has to be removed from the tank. With the Gel type coating reforming into a solid state if removed using Teepol. With the use of HYDROBREAK® this situation will not occur. The gel type coating will remain in a liquid state and will ultimately break down into innocuous components as long as there is the addition of air and agitation. This will mean that when the residue is discharged the ship owner will face lower disposal costs than he would incur when disposing of the residue after using a detergent such as Teepol, if in fact the residues can be disposed of at all.

 The use of HYDROBREAK® Power to remove Gel type coatings will outperform quite dramatically Teepol or detergents and in fact also HYDROBREAK® 2000. The HYDROBREAK® Power will remove and break down the gel type coating very rapidly and effectively leaving the surface free from contamination. The only potential problem with using HYDROBREAK® Power is that of the smell where someone might not like the smell of pine that will be present.


How it works

As well as releasing contaminants from polluted surfaces, HYDROBREAK breaks down their long hydrocarbon molecules into shorter and more accessible chains. Its unique formulation then stimulates an 'explosion' of naturally occurring bacteria which feed off the residue and convert it into water and carbon dioxide.Then, with their food source gone, the bacteria simply die off. Unlike conventional detergents, solvents, oil dispersants or hydrocarbon-based degreasers, HYDROBREAK doesn't merely move the pollutants elsewhere, it destroys them. And since it is itself non-tainting and completely biodegradable, even when mixed with contaminants, there are no residual traces left after rinsing.



Because it can be applied safely in many ways -by hand or in floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, aqueous spray washing systems and ultrasonic units -and on a wide range of substrates, HYDROBREAK can reduce the number of cleaning products required on site, simplifying ordering, storage and stock control. HYDROBREAK does not affect paints, rubbers or plastics and is compatible with most metals, including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, lead, steel and zinc. Correctly used, it can replace solvent degreasers and has none of
the hazards of solvent or alkaline detergents.
Applied to oils, greases and fats, it prevents their re-forming to block drains or make floors unsafe. It can also be used in conjunction with selected bacterial strains to treat specific effluents, or on hydrocarbon spills on land or road surfaces. It won't damage the asphalt (except HYDROBREAK POWER) and it renders hydrocarbons non-flammable on application.
For finely tuned applications in effluent digestion of fats, certain hydrocarbons and free oils and greases or the bioremediation of contaminated land, HYDROBREAK can be combined with specific bacterial cultures for maximum targeted effectiveness.

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