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Ship cleaning with HydrobreakÒ Power

HydrobreakÒ Power has been designed to not only clean oily contaminated surfaces but also to convert the resultant waste into harmless by-products. This is of particular relevance to the marine industry where there is an increasing responsibility to ensure that the environment is protected from discharges accidental or otherwise of hazardous waste.

HydrobreakÒ Power is a most effective degreasing solution suitable for engine room degreasing, tank cleaning and bilge cleaning. Trials have shown that HydrobreakÒ Power will outperform most cleaner/degreasers available in the market place today.

To achieve breakdown of the resultant waste waters into acceptable components suitable for discharge it is recommended that all waste waters be placed into a holding tank where compressed air can be diffused through the solution over a period of time, this along with the ships motion will enable the HydrobreakÒ Power to break down the hydrocarbons present into water and CO2 prior to discharge.

The rate of degradation will depend on several factors, with breakdown to an acceptable level expected within 10-14 days.

Factors affecting breakdown:

·      Availability of oxygen

·      Ambient temperature

·      Level of contamination

  A C.O.D. reading should be taken to ensure that  the hydrocarbon contamination level prior to discharge is to an acceptable standard.

The correct use of HydrobreakÒ Power will reduce the  high waste disposal costs which are charged to ship owners.



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