HydroBreak® PLUS

HydroBreak® PLUS


Ultra concentrated, eco-friendly, completely biodegradable cleaner/degreaser. Can be used for cleaning of industrial premises, effluent treatment, soil and water remediation. Particularly valuable for marine or offshore use, because it can be diluted with salt water. Has the ability of complete aerobic breakdown of all kinds of vegetable, animal, mineral and synthetic oils, greases, fats and many aromatic substances to H2O and CO2. Does not affect rubber, plastic, paint or metals.

Suitable for food industry, does not leave a trace after washing. In effluent water stimulates the activity of good bacteria, which split fat, grease and oil thus resulting in the level of pollution in water treatment plant to be reduce 90%. Completely cleans drainage, thus preventing it from blocking. Has very good degreasing properties, also removes all scents.


  • Renders hydrocarbons non-flammable;
  • Prevents the accumulation of fats and oil products;
  • Acts as bio-accelerator for complete breakdown hydrocarbons, grease and other oil products;
  • Prevents oils, greases and fats re-forming;
  • Great degreasing properties;
  • Does not affect rubber, plastic, paint or metals;
  • Classified as totally safe (non-toxic, no toxic byproducts, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-volatile).
Use Composition Packing Storing

By hand, in floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, aqueous pressure washers or any other type of cleaning system.
For maximum effectiveness should be diluted with hot water.
Effective use up to 500:1, minimum use 25:1

An aqueous blend of fully biodegradable surfactants, organic acids and plant extracts.
Miscibility with water: complete
pH 7,0±1,0

Concentrate: 5 L, 25 L and 205 L
Spray (prepared for use): 500 ml

Store above 0 ºC. Keep container closed during storage.

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