HydroBreak® HD

HydroBreak® HD


Concentrated, eco-friendly, completely biodegradable cleaner/degreaser. Alternative to solvents or high alkaline based detergents in cleaning and degreasing processes involving metals including brass, copper and aluminum, plastic or glass components. Totally safe in use, no caustics, solvents or silicates. Lasts longer than conventional cleaners. Non-foaming when used above 55 ºC. Prevents oil, grease and slime build-up in equipment. Also prevents the build-up of scale in the wash plant, which ensures more efficient wash plant operation, also keeps machinery cleaner during use giving reduced maintenance costs for the equipment. Prevents sludge build-up. Aids biodegradation of oils, greases and other hydrocarbon material. Very effective and economical in use. An environmentally acceptable product which minimizes otherwise expensive disposal costs. Can be used to clean and brighten brass, aluminum.


  • Not aggressive as alkaline detergents;
  • No foam when used at +55 ºC;
  • Lasts longer than conventional cleaners;
  • Short term anti-corrosive additives;
  • Prevents oil, grease and slime build-up in equipment;
  • Acts as bio-accelerator for complete breakdown hydrocarbons, grease and other oil products;
  • Great degreasing properties;
  • Does not affect rubber, plastic, paint or metals;
  • Classified as totally safe (non-toxic, no toxic byproducts, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-volatile).
Use Composition Packing Storing

Degreasing baths, ultrasonic cleaning devices and hot water spray/degreasing systems.
For maximum effectiveness should be used at 55°C or higher.
Effective use up to 100:1, minimum use 20:1

An aqueous blend of fully biodegradable non-ionic surfactants, organic acids and plant extracts.
Miscibility with water: complete
pH 11,0±1,0

Concentrate: 5 L, 25 L and 205 L
Spray (prepared for use): 500 ml

Store above 0 ºC. Keep container closed during storage.

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