HydroBreak® POWER

Perfect for cleaning heavy fuel oil, tar, resin, wax or other viscous oil products. It can also be used for oil contaminated soil and water treatment. Acts as a bio-active agent, enabling full hydrocarbon decomposition.

HydroBreak® PLUS

Ultra concentrated product. Capable of dealing with oil, grease, fat or any hydrocarbon pollution. Particularly valuable for marine or offshore use, because it can be diluted with salt water.

HydroBreak® 2000

Great for cleaning up oil, diesel or any other hydrocarbon spill. Also very effective for general cleaning. Has great degreasing properties. Acts as a bio-accelerator for complete breakdown of hydrocarbons.

HydroBreak® HD

Product is designed for degreasing baths, ultrasonic cleaning devices and hot water spray/degreasing systems. Lasts longer than conventional cleaners. Prevents sludge build-up.

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